The Adult: Sit. Relax. Stay Awhile.

The Adult: Sit. Relax. Stay Awhile.


INTRODUCING: The Adult: Stow-Away Stool by Ren + Ro

The art of paper folding goes next level — colorful, light-weight, portable, space-saving furniture. A transformative and interactive experience that is as fun for kids as it is adults. From the outside, it looks like a large coffee table book, but open, the book becomes a colorful stool that can be moved around your home as needed or quickly tucked away on a bookshelf. Or go ahead, take it on your next adventure!

  • Black outside, solid Black inside

  • Comes with one seat cushion

  • Made of recycled cardboard

  • Honeycomb structure can take on at least 300 lbs of weight

  • 16.5 inches high.

  • Use elastic band in closed position to keep book in its tightest form when not in use

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