Investing in our future:

Ren + Ro was born from the desire to create fun and meaningful spaces for kids to enjoy reading, arts, friends and play time. Giving kids the tools and excitement to read and create is a simple investment in OUR future. Writing, reading, and art are activities that help unlock our kids creativity and ingenuity. The designs of Ren + Ro aim to encourage this creativity. Watching our children unlock their creativity each day is a gift of enjoyment. A key goal for Ren + Ro is to foster programs that assist in providing resources in art and literacy for children in disadvantaged communities. 

We’ll be creating a series of collections dedicated to specific programs. My first collection will be the literacy collection, focused on giving back to programs that support literacy in early education. We have partnered with The Book Foundation to support this initiative. 

Check back soon to find out more about our second collection, which will support arts in early education.