ren ro toddler foldable chairs.jpg


The by-product of the Takemori + Schwartz family, our kids Ren and Hiro.



The art of paper folding goes next level — colorful, light-weight, portable, space-saving furniture. A transformative and interactive experience that is as fun for kids as it is adults. From the outside, it looks like a coffee table book, but open, the book becomes a colorful stool that can be moved around your home as needed or quickly closed and tucked away on a bookshelf.

CREATOR, EMILY TAKEMORI (that would be me):

I was Inspired by my NYC upbringing, which meant small apartment living, lots of cool treasures to buy and making the best use of available space. Fast forward to today; living in Los Angeles with a lot more space (thank goodness). Wife to one and mother of two (life is busy). I set out to create a home where design, simplicity, and function work seamlessly together....without all the kid, clutter crap. My desire is to create fun, whimsical and functional spaces for kids but not have it define your adult home. And there you have it, the Ren + Ro stow-away stool was born. Enjoy!